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Customer Care

Customer service is a top priority of NOVLUX. All NOVALUX customers will be treated promptly and respectfully without regard to age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability, language proficiency, social or economic status.

Privacy & Safety


A visitor can access and browse our entire Web site at any time without revealing any personal information. We may request information from you, in which case we will let you know how the information will be used by NOVALUX. NOVALUX does not share your personally identifiable information with any outside organization, except as required by law, as authorized by you, or to third parties solely to provide services requested by you.



Our Web site contains forms through which users may request information or supply feedback to us. In some cases, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or mailing addresses are required so that we can supply requested information to you.

After you fill out a form, we may contact you with follow-up information (unless you check a box on the form requesting not to be contacted). We may contact you when you submit appointment requests, questions, or concerns. We do not use this personal information for any reason, other than to respond to your requests.



Occasionally, we may survey our Web site visitors. The information from these surveys is used in aggregate form to help us understand the needs of our visitors so that we can improve our site. We generally do not ask for information in surveys that would personally identify you. If we do request contact information for follow-up, you may decline to provide it. If survey respondents provide personal information (such as an e-mail address) in a survey, it is shared only with those NOVALUX employees who need to see it to respond to the question or request.



"Phishing" is a scam designed to steal your personal information. If you receive an email that looks like it is from NOVALUX asking you for your personal information, do not respond. We will never request your personal information through email.

Payment Methods
Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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